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Bronze Golfer with Marble Base Ht.16 in W.8 in L.8 in

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Fiberglass Statues offers several advantages over other material. It is lightweight, so that it might be transported easily and shipped inexpensively. It is also quite strong and can withstand the elements in the event the statue is positioned outdoors. Developing a fiberglass statue is often a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, but it is a very good way to create pieces of art that may last for decades in the future.

To produce fiberglass statue we mixing bondo with some drops of fiberglass resin, and add the catalyst. The fiberglass undercoat takes about 30 minutes to dry. Alternative is paint the resin mixture over the fiberglass base coat. Cover the resin with squares of fiberglass matte, making certain the chapters of matte overlap. We brush on additional resin prior to the fiberglass matte is soaked. Next thing is usually to let the fiberglass layer dry for 45 minutes or until it really is cool to feel.

All of our statues is handmade and painted by hand using the utmost detail. Being hand-painted every one will vary slightly. We personally use a merchant per order to compare multiple shipping companies and give you the best possible shipping rate. We take pride in our customer satisfaction. Your stock life size statues colors might be changed to fit needs. We have a team of talented artists that could use that you meet your requirements. We have made custom statues for multiple venues, business, and private use which has a huge satisfaction rate. Everyone loves using a extraordinary piece. Each statue is custom crated for shipping to assist insure it does not get damaged in transport. We offer bulk order discounts and direct shipping of containers from our factory. We have got the opportunity to fill 20 to 45-foot containers and ship them directly to you. We have done this with multiple carnivals including Disney. Come help make your dreams become a reality!

About our Products

Our fiberglass statues are unique that each individual one is handmade and painted. Our life size statues are available for purchase! We also offer local rentals in the Tri-State Area. We do not include shipping with our prices because we work with all of our clients on the best possible shipping quote we can get to their area. We also provide bulk shipping. We are the only company that provides this service because our warehouse has a wood shop inside. In providing this service, we have built great relationships with our clients. No matter a business or a residential buyer, we work closely with all clients to provide the best service on the market. For our business customers, we work with them to provide the perfect statue to draw attention to their business needs. We can do custom paint here on site if a company would like to incorporate their business colors or logos. These life size statues have made many of our clients landmarks in their town, drawings loads of people in taking pictures with the statue. Many of those photos turn up on social media acting as free advertisement for our customers business. We always hear from our customers that their business foot traffic has increased from adding a statue! Our clients include Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Ben and Jerry, and many other small town family owned business like ours.

Past Projects

Some of our fun projects have included pirate themed restaurants, miniature golf parks, safari themed resorts, TV show props, Parades and statue rentals for fundraises, events, and parties! One of our favorite projects was for a school that purchased 10 baby calf sculptures. Each class painted the baby calf and then auctioned them off at one of their fundraisers. Out of the 10 calf statues auctioned, the school was able to raise over $30,000! The kids sent us photos of the cows they painted. It truly was an amazing experience to be part of such a great cause. The school now plans on doing this yearly.
How our life size statues are made
Our statues are formed out of plaster first and then sprayed with a rubber like material to take the plaster shape. One the rubber has cooled; we fill it with fiberglass which pours as a liquid. Fiberglass is threads of thin glass forced from heating molten glass through a very fine sieve. Once the fiberglass has cooled, it takes the shape of the mold. Fiberglass is a great material to work with. Not only is it an affordable medium to work with, it is light weight and very strong, similar to a boat hulls. They are designed to withstand the elements without breaking. is proud to offer our customers with an amazing variety of fiberglass sculptures and figurines. For businesses and homes, there is something for everyone.


If You can Dream it, we can Make it! Yes, we make custom statues!

Our experienced team of designers can help you achieve your vision, whether you need a 16 in. pizza pie or 20 ft. horse. Custom sports figures, props, restaurant signs and statues are just some of the projects we have created for clients from New York to Malibu. Custom doesn't always mean expensive, we can utilize a variety of materials and methods to suit most budgets.
We can assist you with your concept, help improve existing designs, and deliver the entire process for mass production of a unique "Custom product". We can provide the solution from a simple concept to delivery!

Our team is capable of making Monumental items as well as smaller products. We can mass produce your product from one item to thousands. Some of our clients include Capital One, Disney, Polo Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs International, Bergdorf Goodman, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and others.

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